ik KT100 Clutch Spring


IDENTICAL ACROSS THE BOARD No more tedious spring matching, no more springs that don’t stand up straight. Say hello to clutch springs all produced to measure within 1/1000th, performing with uniformity and consistency

MATERIAL: Using aerospace 17-7 stainless steel, non-responsive to heat under 700 degrees, in combination with proper design ensures that the inconsistencies in current springs, due to their non uniformity and degradation when exposed to heat over 185 degrees, is eliminated

DESIGN: Meticulously produced to insure consistency of all dimensions, consistent loads and perpendicularity properties thus minimizing coiling stress. If the spring does not stand straight on a flat surface (like our competitors fail to), it is impossible for the springs to have consistent load properties when installed

LONGEVITY OF USE: Production methods and materials used ensure consistent performance and no changes in spring properties over time, whereas current materials used virtually guarantees alterations with each heat cycle

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